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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

A Restored Garage Door

Chicago Garage Door offers door repairs for commercial and residential clients in the Chicago, Illinois area. In order to operate effectively, garage doors must be properly installed and given regular maintenance to test the integrity of the door and the electric opener to ensure safe operation. The typical garage door features the inclusion of more than 300 individual parts, and our trained professional technicians can diagnose any complication in your garage door operation.

Common garage door repair issues include:

Frayed cables

This involves the splitting of cables that reveal the inner electrical wiring. A professional must be contacted in the event of frayed cables as it can cause harm if mishandled.

Garage door remote malfunctioning

This can either be the result of dying batteries, misalignment in the safety photo eyes in the garage door opener or broken springs.

Garage door improper movement

This could either be the result of something restricting proper door movements due to blockage, lack of maintenance, or damage to springs. Broken springs are very common and can occur due to long use or extreme climate conditions.

Garage door off track

Occasionally the garage door can come off the track and will not be able to move up or down, simply remaining suspended. This can occur because of cable breaking or door obstruction due to foreign objects.

Our professional service team is available 24/7, and will assist you in resolving any garage door repair inquiries and complications. If necessary you may also replace your faulty garage door with an entirely new one. Our company has high quality garage door replacements for your damaged or outdated doors that feature weather protection, increased durability and easier maintenance.

Our repair services include:

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